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there is no considerable degree of cardiac weakness. He

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and protection in Prussia. He took as lively a part in all

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apprehensive cannot bear to be left alone thinks he shall die.

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of the cardiac complication of this malady he mentions an

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inflicted a deadly wound on its honour and independence.

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the leg and thigh. When the case was at its worst and

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is impossible to read them without surmising that we have

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accepted the Hippocratic doctrine of the humours which

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compositions of the blood. But if we look on Hahnemann s

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pasty and yellowish. It is said to have cured rectal fistula

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presence of broncho pneumonia pleuro pneumonia nephritis and cystitis

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dosing recorded in medical literature. The two elements are

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however certain added difficulties in consequence of the size of the

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but gazed steadily and vacantly in front of me. No one

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of constriction in which atoms of undue size or shape

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tion with the repeated use of the cold bath which is to

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boyhood and so I grew up a strong convert to the sil

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and waa affected with generld tremors. In eighty six minates the

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inotive and a standpoint that will make his neighbor

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Dioscorides evidently believed this to be the plant which

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perhaps mania is of two kinds true and false. The former

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ly done as they think by the conjurer placing certain

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a lemon coloured liquid which is distributed over the surface dries

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had fallen or dodged a bad shot and had then attacked

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discards its ciliated covering and shortens to about half its former length

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may develoj during an attack of contagious peripneumonia. Tuber

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without which scientific progress is impossible. So long as

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When it results from an ascending infection the kidney becomes

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altered the urine always contains albumen the lungs are seldom

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amanita may be found from spring to early winter in pine forests

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cavity the fulness or emptiness of the bladder or the existence of calculi

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Similarly in practice it is difficult and sometimes impossible to dis

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