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be Secale but here I would be disposed to give it in
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certain specimens of the orders Lahiatce and UmheUifera leaves
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I have used ergotole at the end of the second stage
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diarrhoea which weakens the animal and causes death from excessive
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medicinally. Some cases have been described by Maury.
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fibres humerales sunt in humoribus ephemera in spiritibus
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again lie down as before. The face expresses anxiety suffering and
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In the first case the patient went through the usual orthodox
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In exceptional cases where complications have occurred in conse
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The exophthalmos rapidly subsided to a considerable
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perfect harmony with all the modern developments of the
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ence is led for a certain number of weeks and from which
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action of Arsenic a passage occurs to which many will be
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eardonicus. Delirium more marked in his case than in that of
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mann as well as a series of articles in the Arehiv and the
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tsqIsos of grain in each disk yet it answers its purpose
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some of the most firmly fixed of medical beliefs such as
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hemostatic antiphlogistic and a local aniesthetic. The powdered
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clinical examination it is sometimes easy to detect at the outset
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sinuses followed by a surgical dressing covering the umbilicus form the
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Homceopathie World is most irritating. It is seldom that
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the said parasite being of oval form very refractile always occupying
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been had the Tarasp frequenters had the same advantages
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which has been retained in modem botanical language
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Dr. Shipman s case copied from American Journal of Medical
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McFadyean that it is due to a special pathogenic organism a bacillus
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range to another in a hungry condition was allowed to feed upon an
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indude in it symptoms which instead of appearing on the
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eidiaustiou occasioned thereby was indicated by the countenance.

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