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symptoms and are sometimes met with in the same sub

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mustard plaster over the chest and the administration of a smart purga

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we so earnestly protested. One of our positions the mode

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experiment. In the case of the girl the drugs administered

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consists in applying to the upper part of the scrotum several turns

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the school of the Magi of antiquity. Pliny in his thirtieth

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recent date and arose the parents said from iodial saliva

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The local symptoms are more suggestive. The slowness and diffi

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The diagnosis of accidental emphysema presents no difficulty for

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were to the fundus. This is attended with no pain what

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testine is attacked and blood is noticed in the faeces.

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himself unhorsed his antagonist and slew him. After

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to a man of science and the member of a liberal profession.

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he lay down hence the staggering and falling in the street observed

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sclerosis in the tissues of organs and blood vessels.

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tions by the free use of intra uterine antiseptic injections until the

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involved a host of purely arbitrary assumptions regarding

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medicine should be frequently repeated. Professor Rapp

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Captain Vaughan Morgan who had been connected with the

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effects of. an attack which commencing very suddenly kept me in

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severe burning pain in throat stomach and bowels. She was

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seems paralysed it slips backwards tries to support itself

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inserted in a large nut and placed over the umbilicus or given

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day haddock warmed up with onions. He took tea in the

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guard against reflex excitabiUty of the pneumo gastric. This treatment

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of cholera and dysentery the law of similars offered them a

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and the number of embryos which penetrate the body so small that in

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Symptoms. The first important symptom consists in intense local

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though Libman to whom they were indebted for most of

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except those in the principal hotel and in the adjacent

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