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during movement and inability to run for any length
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has been effected in this region sometimes of lymphangitis and some
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This definition will correspond to those diseases wp have
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frantic in her appeals the moment I entered the room to know
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pletely consolidated. Stomach and small intestines contained a
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last they got it arranged and the day set for the two
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rately and continuously. This fact also explains the length of time
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portion of the United States being most abundant in the Southern and
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four or five days in cases of cross presentation and diffi
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who would have died had not this mutual antagonism been
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beneath the granulations so that in animals which have long suffered
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lution is made. At first the skin is infiltrated then
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nent. The thyroid gland had now become much larger
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perature rises but as the disease progresses it gradually falls again.
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of the word itself. The history of a word is generally the
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its elevation or depression enables us to judge of the increase
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extreme urgency and it appears by no means without danger.
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or enlargement of the epiphyses and deformity of the diaphyses. The
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fact that many if not most cases of clinical tubercu

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