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under a yoke. This mode of working gives less individual liberty to the

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occurs during the last months of the year October November and

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two cavities and the inflammation extends to the second sinus. The

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animals waste away and become anaemic an J cachectic dying at last

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the transactions in which they took part but we can only

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tinued fever to Fahr.. There w as no evidence of acute pain

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They are extremely thin all their soft tissues are wasted the limbs

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more satisfactory than that adduced in favour of the vivi

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parasites embedded in the liver. Various mixtures containing sulphate

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Young animals are kept without food for twenty four hours and

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beating of the heart seems dull badly defined distant and stifled.

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yet been possible and we do not possess the necessary data for

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sufficiently advanced as a science to admit of the successful accom

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sentence as it stands may give rise to misapprehensions as

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by men who too plainly fear persecution if they declare the

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manipulated so as to bring the acid into contact with

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The author has coUected together a great man f observa

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more than hour in a most pitiable condition being unable to

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superadded from western sources in comparatively recent

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ing S bow legged that they could not head off a pig.

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agents penetrate the veins of the uterine mucous membrane and pass

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not escape from the egg shell accordingly it will not escape during the

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its effect and thereafter to inject at intervals of

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the diagnosis becomes certain provided that the meat can still be

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the periosteum soon undergoes change and it is not uncommon to find

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that is known of it is collated in the Flore midicale by

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in his body is doing its part fairly well. Such a man

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days. Soon afterwards they show symptoms of acute peritonitis

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At the age of eighteen he went to Edinburgh to study

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in the last few days of life but this symptom is not constant.

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