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The next case is diagnosed as meningitis basilaris tuber
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that they were beyond the pale of discussion any more than the
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losis in later years are due to renewed activity of
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before us some evidence of the homoeopathically specific
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Course. Without treatment and indeed with most kinds of treat
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that would make the hair of any anti tobacconal stand on
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sixth rib. It crosses the sternum at the sternoxiphoid
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all signs of the first attack have disappeared the condition may return
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The symptoms generally escape notice and it is only by accident
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yomig animals produces superficial necrosis of more or less extensive
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similar to those of corn in the horse undermining of the sole over
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On the above arguments Celsus remarks that while it
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follicular pharyngitis points to the striking analogy exist
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twitching the dog was still sensitiTe. In one and three qnarter
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oped these phobias when they chanced to think of some
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though acceptably satisfying to the educated was the very reason
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hypertrophy of the bone destruction of the compact layers and the
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that the increased use of tobacco has diminished the indul
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ratus. AVhen the infection extends by contiguity of tissue to the
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By a.m. there was more warmth and he seemed easier but
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been recognised and one thing at least is beyond dispute namely its
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Like the first the second phase may vary in intensity extent
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found in the faeces but microscopic examination sometimes reveals the
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The scratches are inoculated with the purest vaccine obtainable
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retiring had been stated and they might certainly depend on
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gland follows but what characterises this form and allows of it being
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war is causing changes in values in the minds of peo
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night sweat but still great lassitude. Arsenicum in
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The later stages follow rather rapidly. The involuntary movements
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in his body is doing its part fairly well. Such a man
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very foolish thing to do. It is nearly as bad to try to

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