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there occurred vomiting heat redness of face and con
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purely for their analgesic eff ect. Sinus thrombosis was
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even markedly obstructing them or the smaller passages leading to
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his day in a word the revolutionary nature of his method
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Arsenious acid acts like tartar emetic by accumulating and producing
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which is yery much increased is likely to ran into many more
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and chews his ear for a minute or two before he can
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men. The length and yielding character of the parts and the close
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ment as yet because the first cases had to be care
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tioners of the old school with an acrimony quite foreign to
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fact itself is no more theoretical than is the statement
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the hock or of the metatarsus on the tibia. The cannon bone hangs
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These embryos perforate the tissue of the liver become fixed in it
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to the evidence for tjie homodopathicity of Belladonna to epi
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of typhoid fever where ulcerated Fyer s bodies ric
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behind ulcerations which however always heal rapidly. The aphthous
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KiDVHQv and cicuta would be a precise description of the
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membrane strongly recalls Nux vomica again to our minds.
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is so deficient in chemical power that it is with difficulty
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way relaxes the spasm of the extreme vessels on which the
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lock. Cicero gives an account of his death in the Tusculan
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containing excessive doses of nitrate of potash. The symptoms vary in
xanax librium and valium are examples of
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tory all the ascertained facts and acquisitions of physio
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Dr. Yeldham in moving a vote of thanks to the Board of
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ness and coarseness scarcely conceivable simply because

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